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St. Anthony Catholic


My blessings after a St. Anthony School Education. My name is Alice Noggler Hund. I graduated from St.Anthony's School in 1955. The education and life training I received there was great. I went from a shy and embarrassed kid to a confident and happy adult. The lessons in the Catholic Faith were priceless. If asked I could probably recite today the answers to the questions in the catechism. I absolutely loved the school, and proudly sent my 8 children through St.Anthony's School.

My blessings after a St. Anthony School Education.

The experience that I had at St. Anthony's Catholic School was enriching academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Over the eight years that I was enrolled in Catholic education, my faith foundation was built upon, my core values were solidified, and the trajectory of my purpose in life was set. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker and I have experience working with at-risk youth, children with neurological differences, and adults with mental illness. The seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching which include (1) life and dignity of the human person, (2) call to family, community, and participation, (3) rights and responsibilities, (4) option for the poor and vulnerable, (5) the dignity of work and the rights of workers, (6) solidarity, and (7) care for God's creation; is a reflection of the ethical practices that I use in my work as a Social Worker. I am thankful to my parents for making the sacrifice to send my siblings and I through St. Anthony's Catholic School. It has been through their example of faith and the dedication of the highly qualified staff at St. Anthony's that I am where I am today. I would highly recommend to all parents to prayerfully consider sending your children to St. Anthony's Catholic School.

Ashton Holmes, LMSW

Houston, Texas

My blessings after a St. Anthony School Education.My name is Claudia Loerwald Smith. I was born and raised in Hereford, TX. My Catholic Education taught me the basics of Religion, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Armed with these tools of Education and Discipline I was prepared and ready to go out into the world and be successful. I graduated in 1963. I will always be grateful to the wonderful Nuns and Lay Teachers who shaped my life. I graduated from Hereford High School and was the Honor Student of my class. I went on to St. Anthony's School of Radiologic Technology in Amarillo and enjoyed a successful career for 44 years. Forty of those years were spent at the Hereford Hospital. I married my high school Sweetheart, Dale Smith, and we had three sons, Nate, Matt and Marcus who all attended St. Anthony's School as well as two Grandsons. The tradition continues. I will always remember and be grateful for my Catholic Education for making us productive members of society.

My blessings after a St. Anthony School Education.

I often think... Where did my roots begin. First and foremost - family.... But second was my early roots in a church family. I can say that St Anthony's taught me charity and giving back. It taught me respect, humility, and sportsmanship....it helped to ground me in my values and gave me the ability to exercise those values. My catholic education set forth the foundation of my faith, through my understanding and grasp of the sacraments and, not just the importance of things like mass and reverence, but a revelation of the richness of the mass, the Tradition, and the history. My catholic education foundations have led me to continuously seek out the faith, to serve with youth at my local parish now, to become founding contributors to ministries for college students and young adults and most recently to help spearhead a young marrieds ministry for the entire parish. I am proud to say that these roots and a love for the catholic faith began with my domestic family but were encouraged and developed through my experience at St. Anthony's. As for my family now, we are set on sending all of our children to catholic school as well.... We look forward to supporting our local parish schools and to the richness our own kids will experience.


Joshua Briones St Anthony's class of 1994...married to wife Mandy and reside in the Dallas area. We have three children Tressan (4) Liam (2) and Adelaide ( 6 months). I run Pricing Operations/Sales Finance for a technology company and Mandy teaches theology at Ursuline Academy of Dallas (all girls Catholic High School)