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St. Anthony Catholic 

St. Anthony Catholic


Physical Education

All students must participate in the physical education program.  A student may be excused from class participation upon written recommendation of a doctor or by a note from the parent/guardian with approval by the principal.


The physical education period is an instructional period involving the same standard of instruction as any other area.


Weather permitting, physical education classes may be held outside, otherwise, the auditorium or other indoor facilities will be used.  Tennis shoes must be worn for P.E.


In conjunction with the physical education classes, students in the intermediate grades may be involved in tournament basketball games or track meets.


The basketball program strives to provide a fun, learning experience including the fundamentals of basketball, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.  Those students participating in the basketball program will be charged a fee to help pay for the costs incurred in providing this program.


Students absent from class due to illness on the day of a basketball game will not be allowed to participate in an after school or evening game. 

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Annual Fun Run

All funds to benefit P.E. equipment