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St. Anthony Catholic 

St. Anthony Catholic


Our History

St. Anthony Catholic School - A school you can have faith in!


Since 1917 St. Anthony School has been nurturing our children's educational as well as moral growth through its Mission of developing Gospel values, a commitment to service and strong academic skills in each student.

St. Anthony School has provided continuous years of education since the 1917-18 school year.  It was staffed by the Sisters of the Atonement until 1938.  From 1938 until 1942 the school was staffed by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament of Victoria, Texas.  The first St. Anthony School building was completed in 1927.  That building is now the Deaf Smith County Museum.  In 1942, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate came from Amarillo to staff the school.  In October 1981, the Franciscan Sisters divided their community and the group called the Mission Sisters of St. Francis continued to staff the school.  The Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate returned to teach during the 1987-88 school year and remained until the completion of the 2005-2006 school year. The school had its first lay Principal in the 1986-87 school year.  The majority of faculty is currently comprised of lay teachers.


The main building was dedicated on May 15, 1955.  There have been three additions built since the completion of the main building.  Total number of classrooms is sixteen plus a library, meeting room, cafeteria and gym.


At the end of the 1971-72 school year, the seventh and eighth grades were discontinued.  Since then the school has maintained classes through grade six.  Five year old kindergarten was added in 1970 and a pre-school program for four year olds in 1989.  After school care was offered as a service to working parents beginning in 1990.



St. Anthony Catholic School is proud to have honored and preserved the rich heritage and legacy by having celebrated “95 Years of Excellence in Catholic Education” in 2012-2013.  We believe our school is a ministry of the Parish, therefore, the Parish breathes life into the school and the school, in turn, breathes life into the Parish.



The following priests have served as pastors of St. Anthony Parish:


1917-1922 Rev. J.A. Campbell, S.A.

1923-1932 Rev. Salvator, S.A.

1932-1937 Rev. Mathias Gilberg S.A.

1937-1943 Rev. Nathaniel Madden, S.A.

1943-1949 Rev. Albert Heald, S.A.

1949-1952 Rev. Dominic Kenny, S.A.

1952-1956 Rev. Bartholomew Paytas, S.A.

1956-1959 Rev. Michael Sugrue, S.A.

1959-1962 Rev. Aloysius Craven, S.A.

1962-1969 Rev. Angelus Delahunt, S.A.

1969-1970 Rev. Simeon Heine, S.A.

1970-1973 Rev. Boniface Riedman, S.A.

1973-1979 Rev. Bernard McGorry, S.A.

1979-1981 Rev. Paul Hefner, S.A.

1981-1982 Rev. Xavier Butler, S.A.

1982-1985 Rev. Mark Traenkle, S.A.

1985-1987 Rev. Patrick Walsh, S.A.

1987-1988 Rev. Cletus McGorry, S.A.

1988-2002 Rev. Orville Blum

2002-2003 Monsignor Harold Waldow

......................Rev. James McGhee

2004-2013 Rev. John Valdez

2013-         Rev. Anthony “Tony” Neusch

The following persons have served as principals of St. Anthony School:


1943-1943 Sister Aloysia Payne

1943-1944 Sister Gerard Hable

1944-1945 Sister Othmara Mueller

1945-1948 Sister Nellie Rooney

1948-1954 Sister Vitalis Bon

1954-1959 Sister Aloysia Payne

1959-1965 Sister Seferina Egger

1965-1968 Sister Amabilis Romero

1968-1970 Sister Protasia Hofstetter

1970-1971 Sister Genevieve Montoya

1971-1980 Sister Wendelina Huber

1980-1983 Sister Martha Jane Venhaus

1983-1985 Sister Amy Romero

1985-1988 Mrs. Rita Burges

1988-1989 Sister Aquinas Aragon

1989-1998 Mrs. Ann Lueb

1998-2001 Ms. Nancy Neusch

2001- 2011 Mrs. Ann Lueb

2011-2015 Mrs. Linda Aranda

2015 -        Mrs. Ann Lueb, Interium Principal, Mrs. Ana Copeland Asst. Principal