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St. Anthony Catholic 

St. Anthony Catholic





Students are introduced to what it means to undertake a religious vocation career within the Catholic faith, whether it be priesthood, diaconate, sisterhood or religious life as a lay single or married person.






The St. Anthony Church Pastoral Council invites interested families to receive the Vocations Crucifix in their homes and to pray in a special way for an increase in vocations to the priesthood, religious life, diaconate formation, or as lay single or married persons. Our teachers and students participate in this ministry of the church.  Together, they attend a weekend Mass and receive the Vocations Crucifix as a class. During the week, the students display the crucifix in their prayer corner, mantle or other prominent place in the classroom to gather daily for a time of prayer. Then at the end of the week, the crucifix is returned to the church for the next family or class to enjoy for the upcoming week.






Our school also adopts Diocesan seminarians every year.  Our students encourage those who are in seminary by praying for them, writing them notes or sending cards, and putting together goodie packages to be enjoyed during semester exams.  

In honor the the alumni  who have dedicated themselves to Religious Life,  St. Anthony School has a pictorial showcase located close to the school office.